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What if we could change our reactions from anger and frustration to understanding?  

We can.  

When we try differently, rather than harder, we experience better outcomes and real hope.

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We offer a variety of workshops to fit your needs:  From 3 hour introduction sessions to 3-day or 8 session in-depth workshops. These workshops will provide information about the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, primary, secondary and tertiary symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), the neurobehavioral model for success (providing appropriate accommodations, strength based techniques and strategies), sensory integration and more!

Success Strategies for Educators

We designed this workshop to help educators understand FASD and design teaching methods that best support the learning strengths of individuals affected by FASD.

Family Consultation

We can meet with families to help them determine individual specific strength based strategies.  Our goal is for families to know they can make positive changes in the way they understand, interpret, and live/work with individuals affected by FASD.

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