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Before we get too far in, I thought I should mention that the opinions and thoughts expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone. They don't necessarily reflect the views of FASCETS. Case in point: One of my mentors once told me that perhaps I shouldn't call our busy wee one a Tornado because it insinuates negativity. My parents used to call me bug. I don't necessarily like bugs, I mean, some are beneficial, but mostly when I come upon one (especially in the house), I want to squish it. My Grandpa used to say I was pretty as a kitty and he would tell my sister she was growing like a weed. No one likes weeds. You want to pluck those buggers out of the ground and get rid of them. And though I don't know why my nickname was bug (I'll have to ask my Mom), no one wanted to swish me and no one screamed when they saw me - thank goodness, as I think that would've caused me a lot of emotional duress! As for my sister, she was likable and no one wanted to get rid of her or actually thought of her as a weed. My point is, we call the ones we love by nicknames. Tiva is a busy, whirling fury of constant activity and she can make a newly cleaned room literally look like a tornado hit it in a matter of seconds. When helping me bake cookies, the kitchen usually ends up looking like we put flour in a blender on high with the lid off. She is beyond busy. She can be right next to me one second and out of sight the next. Tornado is an appropriate, accurate description. That or Tasmanian Devil (you know, like the cartoon spinning one). But to me, the name devil is much more vile. Besides, I asked her if she if was upset that I called her a Tornado and she says she's cool with it. She knows it's out of love, so I will continue to lovingly address her as such.

My hope with this blog is to write a new post every week. The reality is, it will probably be much less than that... In fact, I’m already behind. I work outside the home, have a family and mini-farm and of course, The Tornado, who keeps us busy with her social calendar of therapies, ballet, etc. Plus, the past few weeks, my family has had the plague. I thought I had escaped it, but then my co-worker got it and I was surrounded by germs. I finally succumbed to it myself and it has caused my brain to be a bit foggy, which is not conducive to writing. The only reason I am writing right now is because my dear, sweet husband was under sedation today for a colonoscopy. He had to have a driver home and I fit the bill, so I got out of work uncharacteristically early and the two of us came home and took a nap! Oh, it was glorious! (Cue the angels singing) Seriously - it was amazing and I think the first nap I have had since I was a toddler. By the way, he was given a clean bill of health (yay!) and doesn't need another one for 10 years, so unfortunately, it will probably be the last nap I will have until then.

I used to write a blog about 4 years ago. Not to brag or anything, but it was quite successful. I probably had 6-8 regular followers. In the off chance that you were not one of them, I've decided to re-post a few until my head is clear and I'm feeling inspired again. I'll write soon, but until next time, enjoy the archives...

Xo ~ Stacey

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