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It’s gonna be a day....

Shortly before 7 am, Tiva opens our bedroom door, bounds in, jumps on the bed and says, “Mom, let’s do the hokey-pokey!” “No. Not now.” I respond, sleepily. “Come, on mom! Let’s do the chicken dance!” Tiva demands as she bounces on the bed. “Tiva, settle down. It’s not time yet.” “Let’s go let the chickens out, first!” I say, knowing that my plan for easing in to my Sunday morning is clearly not happening.” “Okay! I’ll go too. Help me with my boots.” Tiva exclaims as she is bouncing around with an astounding amount of energy for this time of day (for any time of day, for that matter). I realize that today may be a challenge. We let the chickens out and she gathers Nugget her arms for a morning snuggle. (Nugget is her heaven sent chicken that appeared at our house one Sunday morning in July and has since become a source of comfort for all of us by becoming Tiva’s best little buddy). We come back in the house, Nugget in tow. Tiva plops on the couch and as she snuggles Nugget in her arms with a blanket, she starts singing a song about eating Turkeys for Thanksgiving and then reassuring Nugget that we don’t eat chickens. Seriously... I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff. Nugget appears pretty content and I’m so thankful for this silly chicken who has the patience of Job. I ask Tiva what would help her brain today because she seems a little... She pipes up, “Dysregulated?!” I asked, “Do you feel dysregulated?” She said, “I’m not sure of the word.” I ask if she needs to run or climb or jump?” She tells me she will think about it. It’s been a few hours and we are still thinking about it. I’m hoping we come up with something quick or this day might be the death of us. If you have read this to the end, hoping I’d leave you with some words of wisdom, I’m sorry to disappoint. I’ve got nothing. It’s 10 am and I’m spent. Peace out friends.  

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