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What is the Neurobehavioral Model?

"Neurobehavioral" links brain function with behavioral symptoms.  The prefix "neuro" says it's physical.  "Behavioral" says it has presenting symptoms.  Together, they provide a way to remember the underlying physical cause of behaviors, to link behaviors to brain function.


The Neurobehavioral model is based on this brain-behavior link.  When we understand how the brain has been impacted by alcohol or other teratogens (a drug or other substance capable of interfering with the development of a fetus), we can then look at the behaviors as symptoms of brain dysfunction.  In the Neurobehavioral model, we explore and understand that brain based physical disabilities have behavioral symptoms.  With this information, we can then ask questions, reframe challenging behaviors and prevent problems with our new understanding.


By making adjustments to the environment and our expectations, we foster and encourage success, our relationships improve, and we experience hope.

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